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January Update:
Pascale Builders returned to Copperhouse Court on Monday 7th January 2019 and commenced the following activities:

• House F earthworks to be completed ready for concrete footings
• Stormwater runs to House F started
• Gas and electricity main feed behind House A and E
• Minor earthworks to external of House H and D (Hutchens street side)
• House A completion of Demolition works ready for new laundry and services corridor
• Pump station and new gate electricity feeds to Noble street
• Complete surveying to House F extension
• Footings to House F to begin
• Cutting of floors in House A to be completed ready for plumbing
• House H old kitchen and store demolition

Unfortunately, it has been rather noisy with the jack hammers preparing the areas for the new extensions, and a bit dusty and disorderly, but we hope this part of the building works will be completed shortly.

The Garden area between house C & D is available for residents and families to utilise during the building works.

We apologise for any inconvenience. At this stage it is expected that the foundations for House F will be laid in early February.

See the progress:
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